SIMEC Energy Australia enters the Victorian energy market in a bid to change the game

SIMEC Energy Australia enters the Victorian energy market in a bid to change the game
SIMEC Energy Australia enters the Victorian energy market in a bid to change the game

SIMEC Energy Australia (previously SIMEC ZEN Energy), a member of Sanjeev Gupta’s global GFG Alliance, is delivering competitive energy solutions for Victorians and facing up to the challenges of the low carbon economy.

Recently receiving its Victorian retail electricity licence from the Victorian Essential Services Commission, SIMEC Energy Australia is now growing its presence in the Victorian electricity market in an assertive move designed to shake up the market and deliver intelligent solutions for large Victorian energy users.

The company delivers sustainable, globally competitive energy retailing for business, industry, and government across Australia. As a member of the GFG Alliance, SIMEC Energy Australia is an aspirant generator, retailer, renewable energy project developer and vertically integrated as an energy provider to GFG’s Liberty Steel and other business units that are amongst the largest consumers of energy across Australia. This extensive coverage coupled with our market knowledge and experience, means the company understands all sides of the energy market like few others.

The company has already been highly successful in delivering new, innovative and globally competitive energy solutions in South Australia, with contracts signed with a number of large energy users including being the sole electricity retailer for the South Australian Government.

SIMEC Energy Australia has a strong Board and management team including Chairman Sanjeev Gupta and internationally renowned economics professor, Ross Garnaut.

Mr Gupta said “The high cost of energy for Australian consumers is debilitating for many industries and alarming for a country with some of the best sources of renewable energy in the world. We clearly see a need for industrial groups and energy generators to work together.”

“With our partners, we can deliver a step change in the power industry, bringing innovative solutions and new projects to dramatically reduce the cost of dispatchable power.”

SIMEC Energy Australia CEO, Marc Barrington, said “I am looking forward to working with large energy users across Victoria looking to unlock the value of firmed, globally competitive renewable energy. SIMEC Energy Australia offers the expertise and financial standing of an established retailer, with significant capacity, and the capability, to deliver innovative solutions for Victorian energy consumers.”

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Article published on Wednesday, 06 February 2019