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$1000 donated to the Whyalla Little Athletics Club as we near the 2018 finish line.

$1000 donated to the Whyalla Little Athletics Club as we near the 2018 finish line.

December 14, 2018

SIMEC Energy Australia was pleased to volunteer our support to the Whyalla Little Athletics Club to help raise much needed funds after the 2018 Whyalla Christmas Pageant.

Together, with the support of the local community, our team cooked up a car load of snags to raise money after the club was rocked by two separate robberies in 2018.

Our team managed to raise a total of $667 by filling the empty stomachs of the Whyalla community. We were so happy to see the local community support such a great cause, SIMEC Energy Australia rounded up the BBQ proceeds to donate a total of $1000.

“The Whyalla community spirit is infectious, we’re so humbled to have the opportunity to give a little back to the community that has afforded such huge support to the work we’re undertaking with the Cultana Solar Farm Project.” Sturt Daley, SIMEC Energy Australia, Cultana Solar Farm Project Manager.

We would like to specifically thank the Mount Laura Lions Club for donating the use of their BBQ trailer, Whyalla Carve n Cut Meats who organised the meat, bread, onions and condiments and a very special mention to Gavin Stephens from Whyalla Little Athletics Club who spent hours in tears after cutting up all the onions.

Our team was also pleased to donate around 100 sausages to the Neta Kranz Kindergarten to help supply their own fundraising efforts, with the other leftover food given to the Little Athletics Club for their ongoing fundraising efforts.

“Your donation allowed us to raise much needed funds to put towards developing our kindergarten outside environment.” Lauren Griffen, Neta Kranz Kindergarten

Whyalla Little Athletics Club still needs your help. To support their fundraising efforts to replace all the stolen equipment, please contact the club at