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An energy company facing up to the challenges of the low carbon economy

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Our energy

Sustainable energy

Sustainable, globally competitive energy retailing for business, industry, and government.

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Innovative approach

Scale and global knowledge that delivers an alternative for large energy users.

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Globally competitive

An energy portfolio and expert team that delivers globally competitive energy.

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Sustainable energy. Our proven model. Globally competitive

  • Firmed renewable energy to sustainably power business, industry, and government
  • Retail electricity matched to the needs of our customers and partners
  • The expertise and financial standing of an established retailer, without the legacy thinking or outdated generation
  • Partnerships that maximise the value of renewable energy and demand management
  • A specialist team that identifies answers through our own energy needs
  • A global team with the experience and knowledge to deliver globally competitive energy to our customers and partners

“The high cost of energy for Australian consumers is debilitating for the economy and a crying shame for a country so rich in resources. We clearly see a need for industrial groups and energy generators to work together.

With our partners, we can deliver a step change in the power industry, bringing innovative solutions and new projects to dramatically reduce the cost of dispatchable power.”

– Sanjeev Gupta, Executive Chairman, SIMEC Energy Australia

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A new energy partnership

Our approach delivers reliable, sustainable and globally competitive energy – in a way that is matched to your requirements.

We are a generator, a retailer and a large consumer of energy. This means we understand all sides like few others do. We know how to create sustainable energy, ensure it is reliable and deliver it at globally competitive prices to ensure the future of modern business and industry.

Partner with us for globally competitive energy

Leveraging our energy needs to solve your energy needs

In a market focused on cost and sustainability, SIMEC Energy Australia partners with our preferred customers and GFG Alliance to deliver innovative, flexible and transparent energy solutions.

We are a member of GFG Alliance, an international group of industrial and energy businesses working together on a mission to invigorate industry and engineering around the world using sustainable solutions, new technology, local resources and big thinking.
Supplying GFG Alliance’s own energy needs allows us to develop and operate large-scale energy generation across Australia. We then share the benefits of these assets to deliver globally competitive energy pricing to businesses, industries and governments that partner with us.

Our resources

Our resources combine energy technology, industry knowledge and personal expertise from around the globe to create an energy company that is facing up to the challenges of the low-carbon economy.

The SIMEC Energy Australia retailing and customer support team comprises experts from across the energy sector, with the leadership team alone holding decades of experience in energy retailing and sustainable energy fields and spanning many of Australia’s major energy companies. Our customer support team onboards new customers and provides customer service excellence to those that have already partnered with us.

The SIMEC Energy Australia project design and delivery team brings together industry-leading expertise from across the energy sector, with vast experience stretching across major project management, construction, strategy, and management and operation of high-value energy generation assets. Our team boasts experience across technologies including solar, wind, hydro, storage and co generation, with a growing pipeline of new energy generation projects across Australia now adding to this experience.

We are also part of SIMEC Energy, a fast growing developer and operator of renewable energy across the world. Renewable energy is at the heart of SIMEC’s activities as we look to ensure a long term, stable and sustainable power source for business, industry, and government.

The SIMEC Energy Australia generation portfolio sources energy from a growing range of grid-scale renewable energy generation assets and the national market to deliver globally competitive energy prices to customers around Australia.

We also look to partner on sustainable energy generation projects with those that are seeking to unlock the full long term value of sustainable energy. Our Corporate Development team continuously searches the market for renewable energy projects from developers, businesses, industries, and governments to add to our generation portfolio.

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Our history

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Our team

Sanjeev Gupta
Executive Chairman

Sanjeev Gupta is an international businessman and entrepreneur, heading a global enterprise with activities spanning steel and aluminium, engineering, power generation, banking and commodities trading.

Jay Hambro

Jay Hambro is a leading figure in the global resources, commodities, energy and finance sectors. Following his appointment with GFG Alliance, Jay leads the SIMEC business and is overall GFG Chief Investment Officer.

Michael Morley

Michael is GFG Alliance’s Development Director for Australia. He joined the Alliance following a decade with Nyrstar, the Belgian-listed global leader in mining and multi-metal processing.

Raymond Spencer

Raymond serves as Chairman or board member of a number of companies in Australia and the USA, including Greensmith Energy Management Systems, a leading US provider of energy storage software and integration solutions.

Marc Barrington
Chief Executive Officer

Marc is an experienced executive with significant exposure to Australia’s energy markets. Prior to joining SIMEC Energy Australia, Marc held roles with Senvion, AGL Energy and NM Rothschild & Sons.

Annabelle Grant

Acting Chief Financial Officer

James Waldren

General Manager
Energy Markets

Mark Sinclair

General Manager
Project Design & Delivery

Chris Smyth

General Manager
Retail Operations

Lauren Cleaver

General Manager
Human Resources

Matthew Csortan

General Manager
ZEN Energy

Dave Plunkett

Head of legal & Company Secretary

Simon Camroux

Head of Regulation

Sarah Lawley

Head of Risk Management

Ryan McKee

Head of Sales


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Playford Battery

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