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Sustainable energy for industry

SIMEC Energy Australia (SEA) is a member of the GFG Alliance, an international group of industrial, mining and energy businesses working together to create a sustainable future for industry and society. SEA’s purpose is to build a renewable energy focussed business, delivering low cost energy, at the lowest emissions and within a sustainable risk framework for the GFG Alliance in Australia. With a sound renewable energy development and contracting pipeline and a dedicated team of specialists, SEA delivers value across the energy spectrum for the GFG Alliance’s assets that meets today’s needs and GFG’s vision for GreenSteel and carbon neutrality by 2030.

Sustainable Energy

Sustainable energy

Sustainable, globally competitive energy that supplies the GFG Alliance in Australia and aids in the National Energy Market’s transition to renewable energy.  

Innovative approach


Our team manage the perpetually changing energy market and adapts quickly to continue to build on our energy solutions to meet the needs of our internal customers. 

Globally competitive

Data Driven

Using data & power analytics, we maximise cost reductions, provide proactive customer service across our sites and ensure our large-scale generation projects are optimised for peak performance. 

Sustainable & globally competitive energy. 

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